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    While Employer Branding has become one of the most common buzzwords of HR and recruitment, the idea itself is nothing new. People, whether they’re employees or candidates, talk about your company. It’s time to take control of this conversation. We believe no one can do this more effectively than yourself. Whether you’re in HR or recruitment, or a small employer without a dedicated Employer Branding team, we’re here to share simple tools and solutions that will help you make a difference in the following areas:


    Are you looking for someone to speak at your conference or event? We love sharing our knowledge and passion and we’ve spoken at a number of events in different locations. If you’re looking to add an international perspective to your event, we’d love to hear from you! We also regularly organise our own events, so we understand what it takes for one to be successful. We can help you organise and promote events in Poland to make sure you're successful from the very first one.


    Are you new to your function? Do you want to find out about new tools to support your work or learn to better use the ones at your disposal? If you're looking for simple solutions that you will be able to introduce to your work within days, let us help. We offer a variety of training sessions, individual or for your entire team. Anything from remote training using the technology that works best for you, to onsite training sessions delivered at your office.


    Is your Employer Branding strategy not bringing the results you’re looking for? Are you struggling to engage with your candidates? Does your career page put candidates off instead of encouraging them to apply? Let’s talk! We can help you figure out what isn’t working, so you can get back on track quickly. We offer both onsite and remote consulting services. If you're not sure what those are exactly, just get in touch and we can figure that out together!

    Meet the team

    Kasia Borowicz
    Social Recruiting Trainer at Lightness and bilingual blogger at kmborowicz.com With a degree in linguistics and a passion for culture studies, Kasia has specialised in leading recruitment projects across EMEA, sourcing candidates across industries, from investment banking to tech startups. A fan of social media, Kasia has successfully used platforms such as LinkedIn, GoldenLine, Twitter or Facebook to complete her projects, alongside more traditional recruitment tools. Always striving to learn more, she got her diploma in Employer Branding from the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow and a number of international courses in recruitment. She regularly attends industry events in London and in Poland. Interested in the matters of culture in recruitment, she presented her theory on sourcing for culture fit at Sourcing Summit in Amsterdam and a number of smaller events including an internal training day at Facebook.

    Jacek Krajewski
    Personal Branding Partner and Trainer at Lightness and blogger at JacekKrajewski.pl. With a degree in sociology and specialising in communications, Jacek has been in HR for over 9 years. Starting out as a recruiter responsible for volume and specialist recruitment, he understands the challenges recruiters face in their daily work. He spent over 6 years at GoldenLine, the largest professional networking site in Poland, where he worked with both agencies and in-house recruitment teams on their Employer Branding campaigns. He has also contributed to projects aiming at educating the HR community in Poland, spoken at events and written a number of articles on personal branding and HR. He has also appeared discussing HR issues on TV and radio. Advocate of social selling, Jacek is known for his networking skills and a passion for building long term relationships in the industry.

    Zyta Machnicka
    Employer Branding Partner & Trainer at Lightness and blogger at CandidateExperience.pl. One of the first consultants in Poland focused on matters of Employer Branding, she has been sharing her expertise in this space for over 10 years. Founder of EBMASTERS, a national community for Employer Branding professionals and Employer Branding studies at the renowned AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow. Her varied experience helps her empathise with the needs of candidates, clients and recruiters alike. Zyta has been involved in setting up a recruitment agency, designing websites and job boards as well as leading marketing activities for 4 different HR companies. Zyta regularly speaks at industry events and appears on the jury of both HR and EB awards.


    Can you benefit from the services we offer? We work with three distinc groups of clients and even though their needs vary, they all see the value in learning more about Employer Branding.
    We work with big brands as well as small companies that don’t have a dedicated HR team.
    We help agencies influence the employer brand of their clients in a positive way while building a strong brand for themselves.
    We believe in people and we enjoy sharing our knowledge. We work with individuals who want to become better at what they do.

    Discover extra light training and consulting services.