Does your team need training to help them catch up with the competition? Do you want to find out about new tools to support your work or learn to better use the ones at your disposal? If you’re looking for simple solutions that you will be able to introduce to your work within days, let us help. We offer a variety of training sessions, individual or for your entire team.

Team training sessions are perfect for larger teams (3 to 12 people). We make sure they meet your company’s needs by developing a training plan combined of separate modules. We can run the training at your office or another location, depending on your needs (e.g. during a company retreat). We also adjust to your team’s availability – we can deliver a whole day training or divide it into several sessions.

Individual training sessions are designed to meet the needs of small teams (up to 2 people) who prefer individual work to an open training session. These can be delivered in person or remotely.

Training content:

We specialise in three key areas: employer branding, social recruiting and personal branding and we use our skills in those areas every day! This means we can offer you a number of specialist training sessions delivered with energy and a sense of humour, with practical solutions to your everyday challenges.


Some of the subjects we can cover in training:

– candidate experience & employee experience

– targeting in employer branding and social recruiting

– personal branding for recruiters and managers

– social sourcing & boolean search

– creating employer branding strategies

– internal employer branding

– employer branding on social media

– employer branding for recruitment agencies

– content marketing in employer branding

– recruitment marketing campaigns

– etc.


Some of the training sessions we deliver:

– recruiting online

– employer branding on social media

– personal branding for HR professionals


Training results:

Our aim is to provide you with tools and solutions that you can implement right away. This is why we want to learn a little bit about your needs before delivering the training: your current situation as an employer, your team structure and the results you’re looking for. Thanks to understanding more about your company, we will be able to develop a tailor made training that addresses the specific challenges you face. 


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